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I do know who you are :)

I hope youre all doing well.

I dont have much to update about .. I believe the recent novel I posted perfectly explains how my life continues in shambles. Haha

No but things remain the same. Easter was rather quiet. I Can still hear the faint laughing of kids running around these parts, the clacking of parents talking their adult talk rings - but none of thats around any more ...

Just those of us left hoping and playing the part towards getting all that back. All of that sanity back.

Anyway ...

This may not be the word to use, lol - but I think its cute the way LJ is adding all these new options to our journals ... I like!! I'll be paying for a paid account soon again, I really want to get into this again ... I've been coming around to check on you all a lot more recently & now that I have absolute net here at home, I can do so

Works still great.

Schools still on the agenda. Im going back to ASU this fall. Took a teeny break. Shortly after, I decided I wanted $$, so Im going full time again - getting it out of the way asap.

Thats all I've got folks ! ♥

Aug. 18th, 2006

:D :D :D




Im excited about this here folks. Its your chance to be brain dead & lame. Sure theres plenty more to worry about, but for a few moments out of your day - you can get away


Ignore this post - im fucking with the LJ

friends only.
add me, comment & you'll be added.

Jul. 11th, 2006


days go by.
When things are as bad as theyve been it can only get better :)

Work is good. I have a good manager that knows without 'knowing'
this is good.. she's a blessing

bah i needa' beer. Its been a long while...

Well.. im off to make more cds

Hope everyone is good or at the very least- better =)

I'm sorry folks, im bound to make a good post soon... its been so long, I know !

Did a major friends cut... cleared out those that hadnt added me & were friends only, or hadnt posted in a million years

If I accidently erased you, im really sorry & please let me know
It took me a good hour and some to erase who I did, so please understand

Let me know & i'll add you back
So theres people over. And im hiding in my room. Shhhh. I dont wanna' see anyone. I'm such a cancer idiot.

**edit; k now i have to pee & i cant get to the bathroom unless i walk by

I must say


is fucking dope. Im sad I hadnt discovered it before.


Jun. 6th, 2006

Love it not absolute.
Love is not unconditional.

It is absolutely conditional.

Jun. 6th, 2006

no fui a trabajar
ando mala cabrones
que onda gueyes
onta mi yoyoantifaz
[a prayer for stylust]

Theres absolutely nothing I can say. But I am thinking of you.

Jun. 4th, 2006

Sunday night.
Im looking forward to a new week. Every upcomin' week is a chance of a good week.

I had a good weekend.
Drank Friday
Drank Saturday

Vodka & diet coke both days. Not usually the norm for me - but I've completely cut out beer. =\

Its so depressing. I really like beer. No, its not the usual chic choice of alky - but it was mine. & it was good. haha

Damn. Sucky.

But it makes you fat. =\

I havent had beer in a month! amazing.

Anyway I havent had a weekend of drinking in a loooong time.

Friday was spent w/ a couple of girlfriends.

Im trying to get into the girlfriend thing, because these girls are gold. Total sweethearts.


My fucking phone broke. No i mean my other phone. My braking my sidekick wasnt enough, apparently. I had to break the only sorry flip phone i had left. Anyway rumor has it sidekick 3 is coming up at the end of this month - thus my not getting a new phone. Thatd be a waste. Kinda' like this post. haha.

Anyway if anyone has a phone [cingular or formerly at&t] thatd be dope. I'd rather pay you for it then go buy a new phone at this point. Its just really, really not worth it for me to go all out. So please, let me know. I know I used to have all kindsa' random phones left from before.

So.... mmkay that is all. Hope everyone had a super weekend.